Lake Garda the ideal for your well-being!



During periods of flu and viruses, Lake Garda has been a renowned tourist destination for over a century for the numerous healing benefits that its characteristic mite and temperate climate brings to the respiratory system, raising the barriers of the immune system in general.
The quality of life, the authenticity of typical local products, Mediterranean cuisine, food and wine and the whole food chain are another fundamental contribution to healthy nutrition for the body and mind. The countless outdoor sports activities, framed by splendid views and panoramas make the experience revitalizing for every smaller part of our body. Pure oxygen for our soul!
Another example of scientific importance is that found on an inhabitant of Limone del Garda, a town located on the lake shore, which can boast a certain relevance of a medical level. In 1979, in fact, a particular protein found in the blood of the inhabitants of Limone, the protein Apo-A1 Milan, was discovered by a Milanese doctor.
It has been scientifically proven that this protein preserves health and arteries, even in case of cholesterol and triglyceride levels much higher than the allowed threshold. It all started when a Limone railway was in Milan for a check-up visit.
When the doctor shows the blood analysis and the state of the patient’s veins he decides to study the phenomenon: even in the presence of triglycerides and elevated cholesterol there were no signs of occlusion and the heart was in perfect condition. Same thing for his family members. It was therefore decided to do more in-depth studies and the beneficial effects of this protein were discovered!
Thanks to this protein, the inhabitants can boast an extreme longevity – many people in fact even exceed 100 years of life!
So don’t wait, book now your holiday on Lake Garda under the best conditions, in the name of health and well-being!